10 Best Disk Space Analyzer for Windows 10

10 Best Disk Space Analyzer for Windows 10

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With the improvement in the quality of media files, games and software, our computer systems are becoming hungrier for more storage space with every passing day. No matter how huge your system’s hard drive is, you’re eventually, going to see the low storage error.

When that time comes, you can either delete the unrequired data or move the big files to an external hard drive. And for this purpose, you’ll need the help of a disk space analyzer tool that’ll show all your data in an easy to understand format and help you manage it. So, let’s check out my top picks of 10 best disk analyzer software for Windows to free up storage in your PC.


It may not be one of the most beautiful tools, but is definitely one of the most reliable disk analyzers you’ll ever find. WinDirStat is a fast analyzer tool that has three default panels to show you information about your hard disk space.

Below you will see a treemap of the data shown in bars of varying size based on their actual size on the hard drive. It makes it very easy to see which type of files are taking the most space.

There is a column on the right listing all the file types along with a treemap bar color to quickly find them in the tree map. And of course, there is a fully intractable file explorer section where you can skim through your data and delete, move and manage it as you please.

Download WinDirStat

  • Shows treemap.
  • Easy to pinpoint file types and their size.
  • Built-in cleanup options.


DiskSavvy is a highly advanced disk analysis tool that offers great customization options while still being easy to use. Its free version is more than enough for regular users, but if you want to scan TBs of data and require advanced features like network drive support or command line support, then you’ll have to upgrade to the paid versions.

Although it only shows data along with its size, it has a special filters section that lets you see data using handy categorize. Some of these categories include, by extension, modification time, accessed time, creation time, user name a few more. You can also use pie and bar charts, but they aren’t interactive.

Download DiskSavvy

  • Comprehensive filtering system.
  • See top 100 large files.
  • Plugin support.


It has an interactive interface that makes it very easy to differentiate between files/folders and installable programs. I really liked its touch of animations that make the program look cool, but at the same time help visually pinpoint data easily.

All the data is shown as titles with the name of file or folder written on it. You can double-click on each title to dig deeper and look for large files. You can export the data to a file and also scan external storage devices. I also really liked its “More detail” feature that shows you more details about a selected drive as you click on it.

Download SpaceSniffer

  • Offers great visual representation with animations.
  • Easily dig deeper into folders.
  • Scan external storage devices.

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