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“I have literally called, texted, e-mail, facebooked River Net Computers at all hours of the night, from all corners of the world with various technological emergencies that they have responded to in a flash, in a heartbeat…In three words, I would describe River Net Computers as awesome, awesome and awesome. ”

Elizabeth Gilbert, Bestselling Author

“Dave, Just a brief note to thank you for your ongoing service. You are always there in times of need. This is much appreciated.”

— Gerald

“I happened to be talking to someone who suggested River Net and decided to give them a try. We went from horrible to amazing! I talked to Dave, and gave him all of my information, and he got started. Dave is a wizard of web design. Our site is certainly NOT your normal, simple business site, there are hundreds of pages to it, and was quite involved. He totally held true to his word, and contract. He made great suggestions along the development of the site.

We both cannot say enough good about River Net.”

— Linda & Michael, L&M Artists

“Just wanted to once again say thank you to you for all your hard work & time helping us out here at Heritage w/getting the new office space over on Commerce Street set up yesterday. I personally, truly appreciate it, as I’m sure the rest of our employees here do as well. You guys are some of the nicest people I’ve had a pleasure to work with. You’re straight forward, and can relay all the info to us in its simplest forms, which makes it easy for us to wrap our brains around.

Over the past few months I have recommended you guys to several friends, as well as other engineering firms who have experienced some types of computer ‘glitches’, I told them hands down you guys are the best.”

— Dave at Heritage Consulting Engineers

“Thank you both for all of your recent help. All seems to be returning to normal. I have starting migrating everything to Google Drive. How lucky I am to have staff that continued to work…and even duplicate work without a complaint. That’s a nice compliment to you as well as they trusted you enough to know you were doing the very best you could in a time of crisis for the company and that translated into…. patience.”

— Kathy at Gymnastics Unlimied

“Thank you again for making the time to take a look at the computer & stand by your work. I continue to be impressed by your work ethic and impeccable customer service.”

— Marie at The National Hotel

“I love the remote access!!! Love it!!! Everything is working perfectly.”

— Christine

“Everything you did looks great. It is exactly what I wanted.”

DeSapio Construction

“River Net is a jewel in the Royal Crown of Frenchtown. I love this place!”

— Jerry, Frenchtown Business Association, Vice President

“As always, excellent service and support!”

— Luis

RIVER NET COMPUTERS ROCKS! Thank you, DAVE! Your vision for creativity and passion for what you do shows in your work! From designing our logo and print materials to the design & development of our website, the entire branding process went smoothly and the outcome is beyond our expectations! We can’t thank you enough for your involvement and enthusiasm in bringing an idea to life : ) ”


“Thanks for building me an awesome PC for my gaming and video editting, and a really “rock-solid” machine for my work. These are the best machines that I EVER had…Thanks again!!!”

— Tim

“I can not thank you enough Jim!!!!! For recovering all of my data – Hundreds of hours of my design time…literally years worth of my work…finally accessable again! Im only sorry I waited I waited so long!!! You are a miracle worker! THANK YOU!!!!!!!”

— Lisa

“We are definitely going with you for mostly your customer service. Thank you for your continuous support to our business.”

— Chris, Business Owner

“Just want to say, i really appreciate your flexibility and positivity. I always recommend you to people now. You really are the best!”

— Leigh

“Hope all is going well. Computers (both home and office) are running GREAT! You did a really great job with these machines. ”

— Tim

“I was beyond thrilled that you were able to correctly diagnose my work server as a minor repair and get us back and running over the weekend in time for normal business Monday morning. River Net Computers is an essential part of our company’s ‘backbone’ . Time after time you folks come through with speed, economy and grace. That’s hard to top.”

— Sandy

“I work at a large web development agency and your work both inspires us and scares the hell out of us – how can a small company do such great work? Fantastic stuff, glad you’re helping Warren bring the boro into the modern era.”


“I just got to take a peek at the borough website and it is easily navigable, functions well, & looks great. Schmidtberger’s paintings & Brokaw’s photos possibly qualify it as the most artistic-looking & classiest municipal website in the country! If there’s such a thing as a municipal website design contest you should enter it!”


“Network failure! Who ya gonna call? Dedicated to the folks at River Net Computers. Thanks, guys, for 24×7 fantastic service! Having excellent network support in my town is definitely one of my favorite things.”

— Sandy

“Phenomenal website! What a huge benefit to Frenchtown.”



“If you need ANYTHING done for your computers, USE THESE GUYS!”

— Andrew Chervak owner Midnight Studios

“YOU made so much of my vision happen, I appreciate all your insight along the way”

— Tricia (Web Design Client)

“Thank you for the RAM upgrade and fast turnaround!”

— Porter

“…this computer works awesome.

Thanks, I can’t explain how happy it made me to get this.”

— Rob

“It was great to see you again – fine job –

my little old laptop is humming along at unprecedented speeds! ”

— Maria