The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 13 – Following Your Bliss with Dave Cahill

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in Featured, Fun Stuff, Internet, River Net News, Tips & Tricks

In this episode of Divi Nation we sit down with Dave Cahill of River Net Computers in Frenchtown, New Jersey to talk about following your bliss. What do we mean by that? We mean identifying what makes you happy, what makes you laugh, what piques your interest and then following that trail in your work to unlock a way of life that’s true to you.

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Google Can Now Tell You’re Not a Robot With Just One Click

Posted by on Dec 4, 2014 in Featured, Fun Stuff, Internet, Privacy, Technology

Google Can Now Tell You’re Not a Robot With Just One Click Written by Andy Greenberg / Courtest of When Alan Turing first conceived of the Turing Test in 1947, he suggested that a computer program’s resemblance to a human mind could be gauged by making it answer a series of questions written by an interrogator in...

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How To Test your Anti-Virus Software?

Posted by on Dec 3, 2014 in Featured, Privacy, Security News, Technology, Tips & Tricks, Virus Alert Information

How To Test your Anti-Virus Software? There’s a lot of antivirus applications available on the internet and each of them claims to detect and remove malicious viruses from your computer. Generally, most of these software applications are available for free; but despite their claims to protect your PC, usually they are...

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Hunterdon Happening Award Winner

Posted by on May 28, 2014 in Announcements & Events, Featured, Frenchtown Related News, Fun Stuff, River Net News

We are proud winners of the Hunterdon Happening List Award for both Computer Repair & Web Design for the second year in a row! You can view the Hunterdon Happening List results here and here. The awards party will be help at the Lambertville House on Tuesday, June 10th. Record-breaking participation has made the 2014...

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