River Net Computers is happy to announce that we’ve been invited to speak to the students of Frenchtown School for a special Digital Learning Day tomorrow!  We will talk about our company, our experience in the field of technology, as well as provide some encouragement to the students about the ever expanding world of technology & the opportunities it presents us with everyday.

February 4, 2013, Frenchtown, NJ — Frenchtown School will take part in the 2nd annual national Digital Learning Day on Wednesday, Feb. 6, a day that celebrates the collaboration of teachers and students who are infusing technology into their everyday learning. The day will include a virtual visit from a top D.C. educational technology lobbyist featuring a student Q&A session, a visit from a local entrepreneur, an intense student-led social media effort to get “100K in a Day” citizen support to stop a dangerous mining effort in Alaska, and an informative school assembly highlighting current digital learning efforts at the school.

Students will start school with an assembly seeing how their classmates are using technology in the classroom. Then comes a live visit from Hillary Goldmann, a Senior Government Affairs Officers with the International Society of Technology Education. One of Ms. Goldmann’s main goals is to advocate for technology funding for students across the nation.

Frenchtown’s 6th grade students will be promoting their cause of saving Bristol Bay in Alaska from having the Anglo American, Northern Dynasty and Rio Tinto mining companies from creating the largest toxic reserve next to one of the most pristine parts of Alaska’s countryside. The students will encourage other students from all over the country to go to a We The People website and sign a petition to support this effort and ultimately Alaska’s salmon. The students need to get 100,000 people to go to the We the People website and sign the petition and only have half a school day on Digital Learning Day, but with technology they think they can accomplish the task.

Art Teacher Trish Hurley will introduce a program to the students called  Doodle Google that will provide them with a chance to win $30,000 college scholarships for themselves and $50,000 in new technology for the school technology for their classrooms.

After the assembly,  Hunterdon County Technology Coordinator and co-organizer of the day Ms. Jen Baker and Mr .Peter Moran will do some hands-on workshops for community members who might want to learn more about technology.  The 7th and 8th grade students will get a visit by local entrepreneur Jon Zack, who lives and works in Flemington, New Jersey. Mr. Zack started his first business venture at age 10 and his current business is called EggZack.  He will speak with the students about financial literacy.