Text message bug can crash your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Mac too

This ‘effective power’ text will make your friend’s iPhone crash if you send it to them – here’s how to protect your own phone

Apple have warned about the ‘effective. Power’ text, which causes your phone to shut down, and has advised on how to safeguard against it

Written by By Helena Horton / Courtesy of The Telegraph

This is a surefire way to annoy all your friends- a bug in the Apple operating system means that if you send this text to your friends, it will reset their phone.

The bug that causes iPhones to crash when they receive a boobytrapped text message also affects the Apple Watch, iPads and Macs.

The string of characters are really specific, but if you copy and paste it into a text, it will turn their phone off.

Only the people who know the characters will be able to send it to their friends, and once they do, the phone will crash.

It only works if you send it to someone who also has an iPhone. It won’t work if you or the recipient has a Windows or Android phone.

It’s already becoming something of a Twitter sensation, with jokes being based around it and people recounting the fun they’ve had playing pranks on their friends.

It is a very annoying thing to happen. Here’s how to safeguard your phone from it

You don’t want your phone shutting off at the behest of your cheeky friends.

Until Apple finds a fix, the only way to avoid it is to turn off Message notifications.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Notifications
  • Click on Messages
  • Then slide across the button that says ‘Allow Notifications’ until it is no longer green.