Frenchtown's new Mayor Warren Cooper (standing) in front of about 150 people who filled Borough Hall on New Year's Day to witness the swearing-in ceremony of Cooper along with councilmen Brad Myhre and Seth Grossman, who were both re-elected to office last November.

With a standing-room only crowd of about 150 in the Council Chamber at Borough Hall, the new mayor Warren Cooper took office, and councilmen Brad Myhre and Seth Grossman were sworn in to new terms on New Year’s Day.

Along with county administrator Cindy Yard and former commissioner of the state Department of Transportation Steve Dilts, the crowd included four of the five county freeholders. The fifth freeholder, Ron Sworen, who had lost the mayoral race to Cooper in November, did not attend.

Councilman Myhre remarked that he had never seen such a turnout in Borough Hall.

During the brief remarks he delivered, Mayor Cooper said he would work to “boost communication between the governing body and the governed — to make it a true conversation, not a one-way speech.”

“There will be an official borough website to help do that.”


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