The new official borough website was an idea that had been circulating in town for a long time.  After discussions future mayoral candidate Warren Cooper had with Dave and James Cahill of River Net Computers, the idea began to take shape.  Warren and Dave presented their suggestions and ideas to the Borough Council on March 11, 2011.  After the meeting, River Net presented a website development contract to build and maintain the new website at a special, discounted rate.  Many months went by and the creation of the website took a backseat as the mayoral election in Frenchtown took center stage.

In February 2012, after some consideration, River Net Computers decided to donate the creation of the entire website, including design, hosting & maintenance to Frenchtown Borough, completely free of charge.  The interactive site would allow for official forms, documents, agendas, meetings and more to be updated regularly for the public to view.  It would have the capability for displaying news, important information, upcoming borough events and more.  The ideas keep coming and the site is design to allow for new additions to be added as they are conceived.  After hearing that the website would be donated, Jon Schmidtberger of Schmidtberger Fine Art, a neighbor of River Net’s and Brokaw Photography both generously donated their artwork and photos to help with the design of the new website.

On April 1st, 2012, the official website for the Borough of Frenchtown ( was launched!  Thank you to everyone who helped make this idea possible!