Google's Password Manager Now Warns About Compromised Accounts

Google’s Password Manager Now Warns About Compromised Accounts

Google’s Password Manager Checkup feature is now integrated directly into your Google Account and will warn you if your saved passwords have security issues such as weak strength or have been compromised through data breaches.

In February, Google released the Password Checkup Chrome extension that alerts you when your saved logins were found in data breaches and then prompts you to change your password.

Starting today, Google has now integrated the Password Checkup tool directly into your Google Password Manager. This means you can easily check if your passwords are secure with a click of a button in your Google Account.

To access the Password Checkup tool, you simply go to your Google Password Manager at and click on the Check passwords link.

Google will then check your saved login credentials against the following criteria:

  • Check if the credentials have been exposed in a third-party data breach.
  • Check if the passwords are being reused among multiple sites.
  • Whether the passwords are considered weak and can be easily brute forced by an attacker.

After performing the check, Password Checkup will display the different categories that your passwords are at risk from. These are compromised passwords, reused passwords, and weak passwords as shown below.

You can then click on the category to get a list of problematic passwords and change them to one that is more secure.

Google is not stopping there, though.

As we reported in August, Google also plans on having Google Chrome alert you if your saved passwords were found in data breaches.

While this feature is still being experimented with, it shows that Google aims to provide a free full featured password manager that can compete with many paid offerings.

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