Holding Down Any iOS Keyboard Button Turns It Into a Mouse

Holding Down Any iOS Keyboard Button Turns It Into a Mouse

Written by / Courtesy of Hongkiat

One of the most frustrating tasks for me when using the iOS keyboard on an iPhone or iPad was trying to move the cursor to the location I want when editing a message or text.

Thankfully, a new tip was spreading around on Twitter today that blew my mind and a lot of others; simply pressing and holding any key on the keyboard allows you to easily move the text cursor around like a mouse with your finger.

To use this trick is simple. Simply press down and hold a key on the iOS keyboard until the keyboard disappears, and while continuing to hold it, move your finger around to move the cursor like a mouse. Using this trick makes it much easier to move the cursor to a desired location while editing compared to what I thought was the normal and frustrating method of tapping where you want the cursor to go.

For me, at least, the tapping method never worked and usually led to iOS prompting me if I wanted to copy some text. Below is a video demonstration we put together showing how this works.

It turns out from a lot of the comments, while many people didn’t know about this method, many others did. Even sadder, when I went to share to share this tip with my kids they said “What? You didn’t know about this!’.

What makes me feel a little bit better is that this feature was added in iOS 12, so has not been out for that long.

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