How to Shuffle All Songs in iOS 8.4’s Music App

How to Shuffle All Songs in iOS 8.4’s Music App

Written by Osas Obaizamomwan / Courtesy of iPhone Hacks

I never like people messing with my music. If you’ve updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8.4 and checked out the new Music app, you may have noticed that the Shuffle option seems to have disappeared. I put all my playlists and entire library on Shuffle, so finding a way to shuffle my songs is essential.

How to Shuffle All Songs in iOS 8’s Music App

This is just another example of Apple making changes that really seem to have no benefit to anyone really. Just see what these guys on Reddit think about it. In iOS 8 there were numerous ways to place songs on Shuffle. If you selected Songs or any Playlist, the Shuffle option was available at the top of the title list.



However, that option is now gone from iOS 8.4. The cynical part of me thinks that Apple did this to push more users towards their revamped Radio option, but that’s just a thought. While the option is gone from its usual locations, it still does exist within the app.

How to Shuffle All Songs in iOS 8.4’s Music App

The revamped Music App now just has one tab at the bottom titled, My Music. Here you can select between your Library or Playlists at the top. In Library, select between songs, albums, artists, genres, and more from the pop-up menu.



Shuffle 1: Select an Item

You won’t find the option to shuffle in any of these sections. But if you play an artist or song, the option to shuffle will be there. If you select an artist, you must have more than one song for the shuffle option to be shown.

So, while the option to shuffle from the main section is gone, you can still shuffle all songs within a playlist and your main library; you just need to select a song first.

Shuffle 2: Ask Siri

Siri to the rescue. The most hands-free way to shuffle you entire library is to ask Siri for some help. Hold the home button and ask Siri to, “Shuffle all the songs.” Siri will start playing your music on shuffle. You can also have Siri shuffle, albums, playlists, and artists as well. Hooray.



Shuffle 3: Create a Playlist

If you like randomly playing songs from your full library, I’d suggest using iTunes on your computer and selecting your complete music library (Command + A) and adding it to a new playlist. You can now shuffle this playlist as you would in iOS 8.3.


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” While shuffle in iOS 8.4 isn’t completely broken, there was no need to try to “fix” it. There are a few workarounds for all of you looking to shuffle your songs in iOS 8.4.