Jimmy Kimmel gets people to give him their passwords

Jimmy Kimmel gets people to give him their passwords

In another video subterfuge, the comedian shows how gullible people are about cybersecurity.

Written by / Courtesy of CNET

Online life has made us blase.

We’re so enamored of everything being so convenient and free that we’re not too careful about someone taking advantage of that convenience and freedom.

And so it was that Jimmy Kimmel decided to test just how carefree we are about our digital security.

In one of his regular subterfuges, he sent his minions to the streets in an attempt to elicit people’s passwords.

No one was going to give theirs up so easily, were they?

Jimmy Kimmel’s producers went around the streets of LA under the guise of assessing people’s password security, which they were able to do by getting them to reveal their super secret passwords directly into the microphone. We don’t know their email address or anything, so it’s not the worst thing in the world. But still: Guys, now would be a good time to turn two-factor on.