LastPass Free to force users to choose between mobile, desktop

LastPass Free to force users to choose between mobile, desktop

Starting next month, LastPass will no longer allow a free account to be used on multiple types of devices (computers and mobile) at the same time.

LastPass is a password manager that allows you to synchronize and auto-fill your login credentials throughout multiple platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and almost all web browsers.

While LastPass offers premium subscriptions with additional features, they also provide a Free subscription with “password management with access on all your devices for free.”

Today, LastPass began emailing customers of their Free service with news that starting on March 16th, 2021, users will no longer be allowed to use the service on both mobile and computer desktops simultaneously.

Instead, users will be forced to select either a ‘Computer’ or ‘Mobile’ device platform that they wish to use the free service on. According to this email, LastPass Free users will be able to use the service on their Android and iOS mobile devices simultaneously but not on computers or vice-versa.

“We’re making changes to how LastPass Free users access LastPass across device types. LastPass offers access across two device types – Computers (including all browsers running on desktops and laptops) or Mobile Devices (including mobile phones, smart watches, and tablets).

“Starting March 16, 2021, LastPass Free will only include access on unlimited devices of one type,” announced LastPass in a support bulletin.

LastPass will automatically select the designated platform type based on the device you first log in on and after March 16th. If you login in with your phone, LastPass will automatically set your active device type to ‘Mobile.’

While LastPass users will not be able to use their devices on a different category of devices, they can use it on unlimited devices in the same category.

To prevent users from getting stuck on an unwanted platform, LastPass provides users three opportunities to change their active device type. After the third change, users will be stuck on that platform unless they upgrade to a LastPass Premium or Families account.

In addition to these new limitations, Lastpass Free users will no longer receive support via email and will only have access to the support center and the LastPass forums.

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