A Look into VeraCrypt – A Powerful Data Encryption Tool

A Look into VeraCrypt – A Powerful Data Encryption Tool

Written by Ashutosh KS / Courtesy of Hongkiat

VeraCrypt, the successor of TrueCrypt, is a free, multi-platform, on-the-fly encryption program similar to the Microsoft‘s BitLocker. The former, surprisingly, works on various platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux and Raspbian, unlike the latter.

The tool offers numerous features to create encrypted file containers, encrypt volumes or partitions, or encrypt the whole operating system, etc. VeraCrypt also adds advanced security to its features and immunizes various bugs found in TrueCrypt, making it secure against brute-force and other types of modern attacks. Sounds interesting? Then let’s read on.

In this post, we’re going to introduce you to VeraCrypt, share some of its best advantages, guide to install and use the tool secure your data in various ways.

Advantages of VeraCrypt

Below are some of its most advantageous features:

  • On-the-fly encryption: The data is magically encrypted right before it’s saved and decrypted just before it’s used without any user interference.
  • No time constraints: The process of encryption or decryption can be interrupted anytime and can be resumed from the point it was stopped.
  • Hidden volumes: The encrypted data can contain a hidden encrypted volume, which is hard to search or identify.
    • Portable mode: The tool can run in portable mode, allowing you to carry it on a flash drive and run without installing on a system.

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