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Today’s technology is everywhere. We could not do the things we do without the marvelous inventions that have come down the pike in recent years.

Our personal lives will never be the same, and neither will our businesses. Desktops and laptops, smartphones and drones pervade the landscape. Robotics already replace assembly lines, and artificial intelligence is fast coming at us.

So what do you do when your computer screen goes blank? When you need a drone to find a lost child? When your television dies? You go looking for expert help from a specialist who works with today’s – and tomorrow’s – technology.

Dave and James Cahill are well into their eighth year in business. They run River Net Computers and River Net Creative, side-by-side operations.

There is much interaction between the two businesses. In addition to being brothers, both men run businesses concerned with today’s technology. And all those problems of technology.

“The main thing here is you get free diagnostics with feedback and recommendations at no charge,” said Dave.

They can handle commercial and home networking, hardware and software installations including repairs and upgrades. They regularly track down and removes viruses, adware, spyware, malware and other bugs and system glitches. And they can provide remote assistance. All at your place or theirs.

People bring their laptops and desktops to his shop or he will travel to their place. River Net is located at 10 Bridge St. in Frenchtown, but clients hail from a wide area – New York City to Delaware, Dave said. “With network or printer problems, we come to your place.”

River Net offers low-priced business contracts for 24-hour support. “You pay for what you use, including cell phone support,” he added. He also can special order computers, including refurbished business class machines.

On the River Net Creative side, they handle web design, graphics and logo design, and promotional materials. From time to time, he holds events including music production and videos–a recent art show included photos of Jupiter. Call for details of the next event.

For more information, call Dave at 908-996-3279 and visit

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