iOS Jail BreakNews & Update: Finally Pangu iOS 10 Will Release Soon!


Finally Pangu iOS 10 Will Release Soon!

A completed iOS 10 jailbreaks from Team Pangu is reportedly on the way as rumors surfaced that one Chinese developer is helping out the hacking team from China in completing the next JB tool. However, the exact release date for the next jailbreak is yet to be revealed.

A security engineer from China’s giant online firm is said to be collaborating for the next jailbreak release. The developer, known for now through his Twitter handle @SparkZheng, is credited to jailbreak iOS 9.3.4 but that version was not open for public.

Specifically for the iOS 10 jailbreak that will unlock the iPhone 7, @SparkZheng is supposedly working on an open source feature designed for Apple’s latest flagship smartphone. That would mean an iPhone 7 running on Pangu’s next jailbreak will be open for further modifications.

The report was clear on the main reason why Pangu is taking too long in releasing the latest jailbreak. “The release of the iOS 10 jailbreak has been drastically delayed due to the very time-consuming and meticulous process it takes to hack the system,” the report said, stated by MacRomurs.

The latest information of the indicators so far that Team Pangu is hard at word to provide the next jailbreak. While the group has been discreet in the last few months, the jailbreak community remains positively headed that they will be the source of a fully working and untethered iOS 10 jailbreak as Pangu has a proof that Apple’s mobile OS10 can be hacked. The developers have successfully installed Cydia on iOS 10.

Luca Todesco recently illustrated an iPhone 7 working just fine with a jail broken version of iOS 10.1.1, which the developers claimed is a tool that is a reverse compatible with version 10.1.

“His probe in the jailbreaking circle led him to the conclusion that only the Chinese hackers have a credible and progressing work that will lead to the public release of an iOS 10 jailbreaks.”- Recently stated by Saurik; the creator of Cydia, a hack that is compatible with iOS10.