On-site visitOn-Site Visit $59.99

Per technician, per visit to your business or home. Visits over 15 miles from Frenchtown, NJ are applicable to an additional travel fee. Call us at (908) 996-3279 to schedule an appointment!

Virus/Malware RemovalVirus Removal & Optimization $149.99

Removal of all viruses/malware, fix registry errors, toolbar & bloatware removal, disk cleanup, defragmentation, startup program cleanup, scan disc, Windows update, anti-virus installation, physical cleanup & more!

Data Backup & MigrationData Backup / Migration $99.99+

$99.99 up to 20 gigs / $199.99 up to 500 gigs / & $299.99 for 500+ gigs Non Windows operating systems are billed at $99/hour. Data Backup on a damaged or inaccessible drives would be billed at $99/hour.

Technical Assistance / Network repair and installation.Technical Assistance $120/hour

Technical assistance / Network installation & configuration charged by the hour. Price does not include any applicable On-site Visit fees.

Operating System Installation / Hard Drive CloneOperating System Install $179.99

Installation of Operating System or system clone. Price does not include cost of Operating System license.

Hardware / Software InstallationHardware/Software Install $39.99

Installation or hardware device of software application. Price does not include cost of hardware item or software license.

Screen ReplacementScreen Replacement / Repair $150+

Price does not include cost of new laptop screen. Mac screen replacements may take longer than PC replacements.

Web Development and Graphic DesignWeb Development & Design $120/hour

Web development & graphic design charged by the hour. Please visit River Net Creative Industries for more information!

Remote ConnectionRemote Connection $149.99/hour

Remotely connect to computer through the Internet and assist with technical related issues. $149.99 for every one-hour block.

Contact us for more information.

*Prices effective May 31st, 2016 and are subject to change at any time.*