Point of sale system means different things to different people: it can be a glorified cash register, or an integrated system that joins sales, inventory, purchasing, and bookkeeping. If your business is still running on an old-fashioned cash register, odds are you could benefit from moving to a point of sale, or POS, system.

There are many different companies who make solid and reliable POS software and hardware. There are POS systems for all types of computers, including Mac, Windows and Linux!

We will work with you in deciding which POS system will work best for your business. This may be the most important investment your business has made in years; make sure you make the right POS choice! Whether you want to scan product barcodes, track inventory and monitor sales, or simply just to provide a fast and easy way for your customers to “check out”, upgrading to a POS system will take your business to the next level.

At River Net Computers, we have experience in installing, upgrading, and maintaining various different POS systems for Mac, Windows and Linux. Let River Net Computers help you integrate your new Point of Sale system into your business and provide you with quick, thorough and complete service so that you can start building your business today!