Smartphones & You: Who Is (Really) In Control?

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Smartphones are evolving at a rate that is beyond belief, coming out in the form of curved displays and self-healing capabilities, to changing the way we make payments and diagnosing illnesses. There are now more than 1 billion smartphone users in the world and the numbers are still rising. Smartphones have improved our lives with a variety of apps, for use in fitness and health, in keeping us connected, and giving us access to the latest news and info available online.

However, there’s a negative influence that smartphones have introduced into our lives. It has taken over our lives so much that we cannot put it down long enough to appreciate the world around us anymore.

It puts us in an instant gratification mode. If there is an alert, or a notification, it is the first thing we tend to, then on to the next social network feed, the next email, the next tweet etc. We have our eyes stuck to the screen, our heads crouched down while on the bus, in class, at work, and even during meals.


We are no longer in control. Instead, we have a tech addiction that puts smartphones in control of us. Let’s take a look at how smartphones have interrupted our lives in more ways than one.

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