Documents reveal FBI paid Geek Squad repair staff as informants for 10 years

Posted by on Mar 9, 2018 in Privacy, Security News, Technology

Records posted Tuesday by the Electronic Frontier Foundation following a freedom of information lawsuit filed last year reveal that federal agents would pay Geek Squad managers who pass on information about illegal materials on devices sent in by customers for repairs. The relationship goes back at least ten years, according to documents released as a result of the lawsuit.

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Microsoft Reveals for the First Time the Data It Collects in Windows 10

Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in Privacy, Technology, Windows

Microsoft turned a new leaf today and published a list of diagnostics data the company will be collecting from users of Windows 10 Creators Update, scheduled for launch next week, on April 11. The list’s publication came as a surprise for all, as Microsoft has been very secretive about the telemetry data Windows 10 collected in the past.

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Data Encryption – What You Need to Know

Posted by on Feb 27, 2017 in Security News, Technology

You are being watched. Governments around the world have secret systems that spy on their citizens every hour of every day. These systems were designed to protect people from threats of international and domestic terrorism, but since they are run by humans, they tend to be used inappropriately too, like this National Security Agency employee who spied on 9 women until he was finally caught.

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