10 Worst Nightmares For Web Developers

Posted by on Aug 11, 2014 in Fun Stuff, Tips & Tricks, Web & Graphic Design News

10 Worst Nightmares For Web Developers Written By Thoriq Firdaus / Courtesy of Honkiat.com Many people around me think my job as a web developer is easy. Usually they see me pummel the keyboard from home, with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea next to me. What they don’t see is what goes on in the machine in front of me. Almost every developer will face the same problems I face: the worse case scenarios, the nightmare-inducing horrors; the sometimes unfortunate; sometimes “someone must be pulling a horrible prank on me” feelings – at times jumping off a bridge seems like the easier thing to do. If you are a seasoned web developer who has worked with many clients and projects, you may have come across some of these situations. For those of you who are thinking of becoming a web or app developer, these are some of the situations you may eventually find yourself in. Be prepared to face them, and don’t say you were never warned. These are the 10 worst nightmares developers have to face. 1. Fixing Other Developers Perplexing Codes (and Bugs) If you have just joined a new company, you will most probably find yourself in the position of cleaning up a project left behind by the developer you just replaced. Chances are the code is lengthy, real complex, unreadable, critically ridden with bugs… and already live online. Of course, you could be the lucky 5% who don’t have to fix another developer’s code, but frankly code-fixing happens more often than not. The problem arises because developers, like writers, have their own style of coding. This is where documentation becomes a godsend – if you have always hated doing the documentation (don’t we all?) then know that this is essential for the sanity of anyone who has to touch your code. Without proper documentation, the new developer has to scan through lines of code to figure out your (or the original developer’s)...

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