WordPress 4.4 “Clifford”: 10 Coolest New Features You Should Know

Posted by on Dec 11, 2015 in Technology, Tips & Tricks, Web & Graphic Design News

WordPress 4.4 has just been released and we played around with this latest new offering to see what new shiny features we could find. This new version is shipped with quite a few improvements that are set to make WordPress developers go crazy. It may even eventually shape the future of WordPress in the JavaScript-centric era.

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Windows 10 November Update mysteriously pulled, as concerns about bugs grow

Posted by on Nov 24, 2015 in Security News, Technology, Windows

Initially, Microsoft let people download full copies of the installer using the Media Creation Tool (MCT). Media produced with the MCT can be used to perform both upgrades and clean installations, and it’s especially convenient when updating multiple systems, as it ensures that only a single download is required. But the version 1511 MCT has been removed, and replaced with the original July version. Systems can still be upgraded to the November update, but direct installation is no longer possible. Instead, the original RTM version must be installed, and the upgrade to 1511 performed through Windows Update.

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