River Net Computers will be closed on Tuesday, July 31st.

We will be attending a ribbon cutting ceremony for our client, CitiLog, who will be unveiling their Newark location.  Learn more at www.CitiLogs.com or by visiting their blog.

We have recently updated our Pricing List and starting today, we now offer Data Backup & Migration at three different tiers.  $99.99 for up to 20 gigs of data, $199.99 for up to 500 gigs and $299.99 for 500+ gigs of data to be backed up or migrated to another drive or computer.  If we cannot migrate your data, you will not be charged.  These rates only apply to computers running a Windows Operating system and  Apple/Macs are billed at $85 an hour.

Data Recovery is a separate service and is billed at $85 an hour.  This would be for damaged or inaccessible drives.  Data recovery can be incredibly difficult and time consuming due to the severity of the damage done to the drive.  Because of this we cannot guarantee that the data will be recoverable, however, you will still be charged for the time taken to attempt the data recovery, regardless if we can get the data back or not.  This only applies toward Data Recovery, not data migration.  Luckily, usually we can quickly tell that we will not be able to recover the data and in this case the charge for the time spent attempting to recover the data can be very low.